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  • langhe Cyrogrillo

    Name: Cyrogrillo

    Denomination: Langhe DOC Rossese Bianco

    Variety: Rossese Bianco 85%, Incrocio Manzoni Bianco

    Vinification: separate vinification for the 2 varieties.
    Destemming and soft pressing without maceration.
    Fermentation in steel tanks with temperature control. The
    blend is done about 2 months before bottling.

    Ageing: on noble lees for 5 months in a steel tanks

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  • langhe favorita

    Name: Favorosa

    Denomination: Langhe DOC Favorita

    Variety: Favorita 100%

    Vinification: 2/3 of the must follows the traditional white
    fermentation with cold maceration and fermentation in a
    temperature controlled steel tank for about 15 days. The
    remaining part is vinified with the “orange” method that means
    on lees about 5 days. After that it was transferred for
    fermentation in French oak barrels for about 10 days.

    Ageing:one part – in barrique on fine lees, the other part – in
    steel tank. Following assemblage – about 20 days before bottling
    and aging for 6 months in the bottles.

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  • bissia

    Name: Bissia

    Denomination: Langhe DOC Chardonnay

    Variety: Chardonnay 100%

    Vinification: pressing without destemming. The must is
    transferred to a stainless steel tank with a temperature control
    for a decanting overnight. Then the must is trasferred into a
    steel tank without temperature control, and the alcoholic
    fermentation lasts for a few days. Decanting for 24 hours in a
    steel tank with a temperature control. Fermentation lasts for
    about 1 week.

    Ageing: about 12 months in French oak tonneaux, 1° and 4°
    passage, and steel tanks.
    Production: about 800-1 200 bottles a year

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  • roero arneis

    Name: Ariss

    Denomination: Roero Arneis DOCG

    Variety: Arneis 100%

    Vinification: grape processing “in reduction” (without oxygen
    access). Traditional white vinification in thermocontrolled
    steel tanks for about 20 days at temperatures between 9 and 11

    Ageing: on fine lees for 5 months in steel tanks with regular

    Production: about 8 000- 11 000 bottles a year

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