Cantina vini langhe

The Cellar


A winery that focuses
on excellence

The name of our winery in the Langhe derives from the Piedmontese word ``biòca``, which means a determined person with a hard head, just like we are, who constantly try to express the excellence of our land through wine.
We are committed to the care of our vineyards and to the grape harvest, which is then transferred to our cellar and treated with great attention giving life to the different qualities of wine that our guests can taste and purchase.


The vines, the soil, the climate and the winemakers are the main elements that make Langhe wines unique.


Our vineyards include 7 plots for a total of 8 hectares planted between 1961 and 2017, located in the municipalities of Monforte d’Alba (Bussia, San Sebastiano), Novello (Ravera), La Morra (Castagni and Croera) and Barbaresco (Secondine, Ronchi).

The terrain is composed of different percentages of sand, clay and limestone that produce various types of wines: from elegant and fragrant ones to more alcoholic, robust and long-lasting ones.

The climate in this area of ​​Piedmont is temperate continental, with rains concentrated mainly in May. The Langhe are also characterized by brilliant sunlight, which favors chlorophyll photosynthesis.

And then there is us, winemakers of great character who have decided to focus on quality, bringing all our personality and experience to the wine.


The most anticipated moment

The grape harvest usually begins in late September, with the destemming and crushing operations carried out simultaneously through the use of a special machine, called its destemmer. The grape harvest period is very demanding because you wake up at dawn and there is a lot of work to do, but it also very gratifying to be able to reap the fruits of your passion.


The wine is left to age in wooden barrels

The Langhe wines, as per tradition, are aged and stabilized inside wooden barrels, where the refinement processes and the gaseous exchanges between the wood and fermentation must occur. The aging gives the wine its characteristic flavor and aroma. Depending on the size of the barrels and the type of wood with which they are made, very different wines can be procured.