39 (0173) 613 022

E-MAIL: info@labioca.it

Via Alba 13/A,
Serralunga d'Alba (CN)
12050 ITALIA

Pta IVA/CF: 03447080049
ICQRF: CN 9214

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La Biòca S.r.l. agricola

La Biòca is a small winery in the Langhe zone. Our vineyards are situated in the villages of Monforte d’Alba (Bussia, San Sebastiano subzones), Novello (Ravera), La Morra (Castagni & Croera), Barbaresco (Secondine, Ronchi), Roddino (Corini). The most of the 16,0 ha under vines are of our property, 8.6 ha of them now in production. Around 7.4 ha have been recently purchased in the commune of Roddino and will be planted over the next two years.

Our winery is located in Fontanafredda subzone of Serralunga d’Alba. Apart from the larger production facility, the 2 spacious warehouses and the underground cellar, the winery has a large tasting room with an enormous terrace and an "agriturismo" with 6 comfortable rooms.

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