• Roma Vignaioli di Langa
    Roma Vignaioli di Langa
    14/15 November 2015
    Here we are! Also this year we will be at the event Winemakers of Langa
  • Rome Symposium
    Rome Symposium
    3 to 4 of October The Symposium was a convivial practice, which followed the banquet, during which the guests drank as required by symposiarch, sang convivial songs, dedicated themselves to all kinds of entertainments
  • Merano WineFestival
    Merano WineFestival
    7/8/9 November 2015 The key word of this grandiose event is and always will be only one "EXCELLENCE", as the Official Selection of the Merano Wine Festival is the best wines and international cuisine
  • Lago di Como Wine&Food Style
    Lago di Como Wine&Food Style
    October 30/31 and November 1, 2015
    We are at the Lake of Como at the event Wine & Food Style where the pleasure for the food and wine will be paired also with the enchanting scenic beauty! We have three days here to lose ourselves in the world of culinary excellence and get the opportunity to buy directly from the manufacturers
  • Genoa, Enoteca 33 Rosso
    Genoa, Enoteca 33 Rosso
    October 29, 2015 Thursday, October 29th we will be waiting for you at the Enoteca 33 Red, Anfossi St
  • Alba Missoni and La Biòca
    Alba Missoni and La Biòca
    16-23-30 October Wonderful alliance! You can find us at Missoni in Alba, Vittorio Emanuele Street 24, from 16:30 to 20:00! Friday, 16 treat yourself to a beautiful dress, our sparkling bubbles of Ricciante Extra-Dry and sweets from Alfieri
  • Bologna, Enoteca ai Vini Scelti
  • Alba Truffle Fair
    Alba Truffle Fair
    October 11, 2015 Sunday, October 11 at the 85th International Fair of the White Truffle of Alba we will be in Piazza Rossetti from 9
  • Rome tasting at Cavatappi
    Rome tasting at Cavatappi
    Saturday, October 3 at 18:00 Come to the Enoteca Cavatappi, Cesare Fracassini St
  • Alba Festa del Vino
    Alba Festa del Vino
    Sunday, September 27, 2015
    The Wine Festival is coming! It takes part in Alba in the historical center of the city where producers will represent wines of the area of ??the Langhe and Roero
  • Roma Buono... Non lo conoscevo
    Roma Buono... Non lo conoscevo
    Waiting for you in Rome, 22nd September! And now we come back again to our beloved capital for the traditional event dedicated to autochthonous vines! Come to the Hotel Quirinale and try our Ricciaia Dolcetto d'Alba DOC 2013, the winner of the prestigious award of MeranoWineFestival! And another good news - our Pelaverga will be presented in Rome for the first time! It is quite old and rare grape variety in Piedmont, which is characterized by a powerful aroma of black pepper
  • Mergozzo Gustus
    Mergozzo Gustus
    Saturday, September 26, 2015 This time Mergozzo, a nice village of Montorfano, is waiting for us! The tourist office of Mergozzo organized special event Gustus, and now you can take walk around this charming village stopping at the tasting tables and dedicating typical local products and good wine
    Finally! LA BIOCA became an official and a full member of the UNESCO Association for the Heritage of the vineyard lamdscape of Langhe-Roero and Monferrato! What does it mean for us? That our young and ambitious winery, located on the border zone of Barolo, adheres to the traditions of the region and spanly contributes to their keeping and development! And it's a great honor and responsibility for us
  • The Wine Exhibition in Milan 12/13/14 of September!
    The Wine Exhibition in Milan 12/13/14 of September!
    La Bioca is expecting for a new adventure! The wine tasting takes place in the heart of Milan, or rather, at the National Museum of Science and Technology of Leonardo da Vinci, a great lover of wine and the owner of a small plot of land near the Museum, where he grew the grape
  • Andreas Larsson, the best sommelier in the world, is tasting La Bioca wines
    Andreas Larsson, the best sommelier in the world, is tasting La Bioca wines
    Andreas Larsson was elected as the best sommelier in the wine world in 2007, although he prefers to call himself "not a critic, but a lover of wine," and adds that "the wine - it is not only the taste and aroma, but also the culture, people, history, gastronomy ", in short, everything that surrounds it
  • Cocconato D’Asti Cocco…Wine! 5/6 September!
    Cocconato D’Asti Cocco…Wine! 5/6 September!
    The second event for La Bioca we can`t resist but take part in it! The long-expected and consolidated event organized by Go Wine in the municipality of Cocconato
  • Mergozzo festa del Vino
    Mergozzo festa del Vino
    Friday, July 31 The coast of Lake Mergozzo will turn into a tasting dedicated to the wines of Piedmont and Lombardy, event is particularly aimed at bubbles and Muscat
  • Merano Wine Award
    Merano Wine Award
    More than 5,000 wines were presented to the Commission of Merano Wine Festival and only the best of them received quality marks and deserved recognition
  • Genova TerroirVino 2015
    Genova TerroirVino 2015
    22 giugno 2015 Un percorso graduale fatto con i piedi sempre ben saldi per terra, senza mai arrendersi cercando di migliorare ogni anno, questa nostra forza di volontà ci ha portato a partecipare all'evento TerroirVino
  • Città di Castello "Only Wine Festival"
    Città di Castello "Only Wine Festival"
    18 - 19 aprile Anche quest'anno La Biòca sarà presente nel centro storico di Città di Castello per la manifestazione dedicata alle piccole cantine e ai giovani produttori, organizzato da FieraShow, in collaborazione con A



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