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E-MAIL: info@labioca.it

Via Alba 13/A,
Serralunga d'Alba (CN)
12050 ITALIA

Pta IVA/CF: 03447080049
ICQRF: CN 9214

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La Biòca S.r.l. agricola

La Bioko 是在兰格区一个不大的酒庄。我葡萄园位于蒙福尔泰达尔巴(布斯和圣塞巴斯蒂亚诺子区),诺韦洛(拉维拉),拉莫拉(卡斯塔尼亚和科洛雷),和巴巴瑞斯克(Secondine和朗奇)公社。葡萄园大部分(8.2公顷)是我们的财产。不久以前我们移居了一部分葡萄园——3.5公顷,暂时还没有产出葡萄。

我新的酒庄位于塞拉伦加科特迪瓦阿尔巴公社的丰塔纳夫雷达区。除了宽敞 的酿造馆,两个大仓库与地下酒窖,新酒庄有一个很大的品酒室与全景露台 和用于农业旅游的七个舒适的大客房。(2016年营业

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Roma Vignaioli di Langa

14/15 November 2015
Here we are! Also this year we will be at the event Winemakers of Langa

Rome Symposium
3 to 4 of October The Symposium was a convivial practice, which followed the banquet, during which the guests drank as required by symposiarch, sang convivial songs, dedicated themselves to all kinds of entertainments

Merano WineFestival
7/8/9 November 2015 The key word of this grandiose event is and always will be only one "EXCELLENCE", as the Official Selection of the Merano Wine Festival is the best wines and international cuisine

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